Utility Locating

Why do I need Atlantic Utility Locating Services?

atlantic leak detection, utility locating, NJ, NYWe are here to keep you safe! Choose Atlantic Leak Detection’s Private Utility Locating professionals to pinpoint and markout underground utilities which include communication, electric, gas, water, septic and sewer lines. We work with private homeowners, contractors, developers, plumbers, and utility companies to ensure accurate utility markouts are made before you break ground.

Utility Locating is required whether you are excavating to install subsurface utilities, sprinkler systems, a swimming pool, or building an addition. Atlantic Leak Detection & Utility Locating in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will comply with regulatory guidelines and help you complete your project safely – and on time. A reliable, private utility locating service will give you peace of mind while avoiding costly damage and personal injury. atlantic leak detection, utility locating, NJ, NY In addition to residential locations, we also perform comprehensive utility locating markouts at commercial, industrial, and municipal locations. Our private utility locating technicians are members of the National Utility Locating Contractors Association and the Common Ground Alliance, and we adhere to all best practices set forth by these organizations.

Subsurface Utility Locating

Subsurface Utility Locating also known as Subsurface Utility Engineering or (SUE) is another term for Utility Locating that usually involves utility mapping, utility coordination, utility relocation design, utility coordination, utility condition assessment, utility relocation costs, utility design and more.

Utility Markouts

Private Utility Markout Are you planning on digging, drilling or deep cutting at your residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal property? You know that your project involves digging and you are worried about possible damage to buried utility lines. You should be aware that you need to have those utilities accurately marked prior to beginning your project. Read More on Private Utility Markout.

Residential Utility Markout “Call before you dig.” It is a familiar warning, but many people do not understand how critical it is. Most utilities are located, at least in part, underground. If you hit one of those utility lines while you are digging, you can cause a service interruption in your electric, gas, water, septic, sewer, or communication lines.  Read More on Residential Utility Markout.

What utility locating services does Atlantic Leak offer?

At Atlantic Leak Detection, we use state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to accurately locate all of the following utilities: atlantic leak detection, utility locating colors, NJ, NY
  • Water pipes
  • Sewer pipes
  • Septic lines
  • Gas lines
  • Irrigation lines
  • Electric lines
  • Communications lines
When you need utility locating services such as a utility markout in New Jersey, New York and the surrounding states, trust the experts. Contact Atlantic Leak Detection today. Read more on utility locating at Utility Locators.