Private Utility Markout NJ PA NY

Private Utility Markout in NJ, PA, NY

Are you planning on digging, drilling or deep cutting at your residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal property? You know that your project involves digging and you are worried about possible damage to buried utility lines. You should be aware that you need to have those utilities accurately marked prior to beginning your project. A private utility markout service can locate and markout multiple utilities in a single visit using the latest GPR, EM and FM technology. Using the national clear color-coded system to markout and distinguish multiple types of utilities, including electric, gas, communication, water and sewer make it easy to understand what exists beneath the surface where you may be excavating, drilling or cutting.

Private Utility Markout NJ PA NY

Additionally, they can provide 24/7 emergency service, so that your emergency repairs are not delayed while you wait for utility markout services, and rapid response to non-emergency calls, so that your project planning is not dependent upon waiting for the One Call Service to come mark utility locations. Utilizing a private utility locator for markouts provides an additional level of confidence in the job, because the company’s business reputation depends on the accurate markout of the utility lines. In fact, Atlantic Leak Detection & Utility Locating only employs technicians who are members of both the National Utility Locating Contractors Association and the Common Ground Alliance. The technicians follow the best practices set forth by these organizations, which reducing the risk of missed or incorrectly marked utilities. They also have experience working with home owners, emergency service providers, and contractors to ensure that the markout meets all of the specifications for the planned project. Visit Atlantic Leak Detection & Utility Locating Here. Also Read Residential Utility Markout