Monmouth County NJ

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Recently Completed Utility Locating Job in Monmouth County NJ

We performed a utility locating job at a High School in Monmouth County, NJ today. I was directed to “clear an area” (markout all underground utilities) in the school where construction was to take place. It was not a large area and I was assured that “nothing” was running through the floor where they were going to saw cut and trench for new waste lines. They hired Atlantic just to make sure before they started.

I asked all of the staff if they had any as-builts plans or utility map drawings on site and I received the usual response…. a quick laugh and the answer NO. So I proceeded to scan the area with my GPR and contrary to what was said, I picked up a large anomaly on the screen that certainly didn’t look like “nothing”. I continued my locate in the normal fashion by hooking up my EM locator to main utility termination points. I got a nice strong signal after connecting to the main communication lines that fed the entire school.

We’re talking phone, cable and really expensive fiber optic lines. Low and behold, this tone took me from the utility closet on the other side of the school, across the hall, down the corridor, under the school main office, under the boy’s bathroom and STRAIGHT AND DIRECTLY through the area that was going to be saw cut and excavated. This was the large anomaly I saw when I started my GPR scan.

I was a bit shocked at the bizarre route the lines were run but not as shocked as the contractor that hired us! He was elated after I sprayed the floor orange (communication color) across his proposed trench and was very relieved he made the call to us first. It goes to show, when you throw caution to the wind…. well, you throw caution to the wind. Right?