Remember the 3 rules when buying real estate…. Locate Locate Locate

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Remember the 3 rules when buying real estate…. Locate Locate Locate At Atlantic Leak Detection and Utility Locating we perform 100′s of private utility locates a year. We take over where 811 (Call before you dig) ends.
About 5 weeks ago a prospective home buyer gave us a call because he was skeptical about the seller telling the truth about an old oil tank that was supposedly removed. The buyer wanted to build an extension and didn’t want to hit any surprises underground. So he called and hired Atlantic Leak to come over and scan the property with our GPR (ground penetration radar) machine to see if the seller was on the up and up and to explore the feasibility of making improvements to the property.
After scanning the entire property with GPR we marked out something suspicious that our radar picked up in the exact location where the extension was going. We also found and marked out many electrical, plumbing and gas lines in other areas of the property.  We told the client to be careful because there is a good chance the tank is in that spot.
We got a call back from our client yesterday and he said because of our GPR utility locate he added a clause in his purchase contract that if there was in fact a tank it would be the responsibility of the seller to have it removed. He then went on to say that we were wrong about the tank being there and that the seller was telling the truth.
We were a bit shocked because our GPR definitely picked something up in that spot. Then he started laughing and explained it was not a tank we located in that area… it was the front end of a Toyota!!  A 1972 Toyota Corolla. The property was located on an old junkyard and they must have built the house right around it rather than move it… which explains the mass we picked up on our GPR. At the end of the day it was a bummer our client had to pay to get the car out of the ground but on the flip side he will surely have a great story to tell his grand kids!!