Shopping Mall Utility Markout

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Recently Completed Utility Markout Job in NY and NJ

We performed a utility markout in a huge shopping mall parking lot today for a contractor. I was directed to mark out all utilities running through the area that was to be excavated to run new fiber-optic lines. When I arrived I noticed that most of the main utilities running through the parking lot were marked by the One Call Service (811 – Call Before You Dig). The contractor requested I ignore all of those marks since it was “done already” and just focus on the parking lot lighting and other possible utilities. I told him that the one call is sometimes a bit off on their marks and I would feel more comfortable if I could at least verify the areas where the lines were crossing over the excavation area. The contractor told me “why do I need to pay you for something that was done already… for FREE??” Since he was the PRO and knows ALL the ins and outs of locating I didn’t argue.