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Pennsylvania Private Utility Locating

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Recently Completed Private Utility Locating Job in Pennsylvania

Atlantic Leak Detection and Utility Locating were hired to clear several boring locations in Eastern Pennsylvania for an environmental company today at a manufacturing plant. This was a really complicated area to clear since all of the main electric, communication and gas lines were running in the vicinity of the test boring locations. Of course, there were no utility maps or any sort of as-builts to refer to so it was going to be one of those “peel away the layers of the onion” jobs. My client directed me to talk with one of the superintendents of the building that has been working there for 25 years. Now don’t get me wrong, it is very valuable to gather as much info as possible while performing a utility locate but I have learned to take all if the info with a grain of salt.

Shopping Mall Utility Markout

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Recently Completed Utility Markout Job in NY and NJ

We performed a utility markout in a huge shopping mall parking lot today for a contractor. I was directed to mark out all utilities running through the area that was to be excavated to run new fiber-optic lines. When I arrived I noticed that most of the main utilities running through the parking lot were marked by the One Call Service (811 – Call Before You Dig). The contractor requested I ignore all of those marks since it was “done already” and just focus on the parking lot lighting and other possible utilities. I told him that the one call is sometimes a bit off on their marks and I would feel more comfortable if I could at least verify the areas where the lines were crossing over the excavation area. The contractor told me “why do I need to pay you for something that was done already… for FREE??” Since he was the PRO and knows ALL the ins and outs of locating I didn’t argue.

Monmouth County NJ

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Recently Completed Utility Locating Job in Monmouth County NJ

We performed a utility locating job at a High School in Monmouth County, NJ today. I was directed to “clear an area” (markout all underground utilities) in the school where construction was to take place. It was not a large area and I was assured that “nothing” was running through the floor where they were going to saw cut and trench for new waste lines. They hired Atlantic just to make sure before they started.